• Inspect

    Old Building? Buiding a New Building? Get it Inspected!

  • Detect

    History of Mold? Need Building Certification? We Can Help!

  • Remediate

    Need to Recover Space from Mold Infestation? Discovered Toxic Mold? We'll Take Care Of It!


We Offer Inspection Services for Many Purposes

If you already see mold growing, that is, visible mold on walls, baseboards, etc, then inspection is actaully not needed: You already have it.

But if you're not sure, and need to know, we can help! Sometimes, you need to find out if your building has a mold problem because you observer people getting sick more often in certain areas of a workspace. Or, you just acquired a building and need to know for sure it's mold free.

We can help! We know where to look and what to look for. We employ the latest technologies to determine, for certain, if you're building is clean, or is in need of remediation.

Mold Inspection
Mold Detection Worker
We offer a wide range of Mold Detection Services. Sometimes you just had remediation performed and want to make sure it hasn't come back. Or, you've had your inspection, but wnat to keep vigilant watch for the safety of your workers.

We Can Help! We provide detection and monitoring services that ensure your building continues to be a safe and clean place to operate your business.

What Happens When You Find Mold?

You just call us! This is the best part of our work: Making it go away. Our remediation services are complete from top to bottom. When mold is discovered, either by you, my one of our detailed inspections, or from our detection services, we are fully equiped to remove it, whatever it might be, wherever it might be.

With decades of experience, there's nothing out there we haven't seen. There's nothing out there we haven't taken care of before. With us, you get the confidence of knowledge, training, and experience that ensures, if it's a problem today, it won't be tomorrow.

Mold Remediation
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